I'm in love with my guy friend?

I'm in love with my guy friend and we're very close and I told him how I feel and he said I'm a nice girl and I'm funny and I know he cares about me but he told me he still likes his ex gf and she's the only girl he want to be with at the moment, but the next day his best friend told me he asked other girl out. And I was so sad and I told him I don't wanna be his friend anymore and he said "ok, stranger" and after few hours he asked me why and I told him because it hurts me to be his friend and that he doesn't know what I feel and he said"oh, ok i understand, sorry then" but he told to his best friend that he still wants to be my friend and he thinks i'm mad at him, but he doesn't know why. His best friend keep asking me to get along with him again. But it really hurts me and I wanna forget him forever. What should I do? If I will be friends with him again will he fall for me in time? We spend so much time together for like 3-4 months, how it comes that he doesn't have any feelings for me?


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  • You can't do anything about it. You can't pressure him to be with you against his will. He is not over his ex and he's not interested in dating you.
    If you can't handle being friends with him, I'd suggest you to stop hanging out with him. You should eliminate unnecessary drama from your life.