A guy I use to like 5 days ago?

I've had a crush on this guy for a while now, we dated back in like 8th grade and I didn't really consider it a relationship, since we never really talked in person, you know how that middle school dating went like. But now, now in junior high, we see eachother at school for two hours and talk, we finally got to hang out at a park and we were just talking, since i really liked him then, i kind of moved my hand over his and ended up holding hands, he even layed on my lap. At that moment everything felt right, but now, I realized I dont really like him. I just want to be friends. It's weird I know, but I feel like a complete asshole. I dont want to take things further into an actual relationship cause I know that if im not honest I will break his heart and feel like an asshole for the rest of my life. I need advice on how to let him know how I feel without being harsh at all. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!


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  • There is no way to tell him without being harsh. Just tell him that you are not interested in dating him anymore. Simple and to the point.

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