How can I get my boyfriend to move in to make out with me?

I've been seeing my boyfriend for just over two months. -Hes 16- he said he would make out with me but only if I made the first move, he said this because he doesn't know if I'd want to make out at the time he tries.
I want to and he knows that but I don't like making first moves, he knows that also. How can I get him to at least lean in?


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  • Put some flavoured lip balm on and ask him to taste it

  • Listen. If he said he wasn't going to make the first move then he's not going to make the first move. Simple as that.

    I made the first move when I went in for the kiss with my boyfriend. We were sitting next to each other and I kissed him on the cheek and he froze. So I kissed him on the cheek again, closer to his mouth. Then again, on the corner of his mouth and then he turned to me slightly and then when I went in again I actually got his mouth and he kissed me back and then ensued the hard core makeout session. He didn't have to lean in. Least not for me to instigate the kissing.