How long does it usually take for a guy to ask for my number or ask me out?

So I am talking to this guy in class and he still has not asked me for my number or asked me on a date. Thought he was interested because:
-he's always near me
-smiles at me
-we talk

We've been doing this for 4 weeks already :(

He's kind of an outdoorsy hippie... He's very chill... if y'all want to know his personality type
You guise... I got no game whatsoever, any pointers? How would y'all like to be approached?
;____; you guise... I'm cereal.


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  • I'm like him and im shy too if I'm not certain they will say yes i won't ask for their number. Last two girls wouldn't give me their numbers even though we talked regularly... some pepple lol

    • Awww sorry mate πŸ˜•that's what I'd like to avoid. I'm not the most confident either.

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  • You could always stop expecting him to ask you out and take the initiative with asking him out instead. He might just be to shy to say anything at all and to afraid asking you in case you'd say no.

    • Hmmmm good point

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    • Asking for his number is probably the best thing you could do but when it comes to how you're going to ask him I guess the best would be if you just slipped it in as an convenience sometimes. Fore example, if your out with him on a party or something you could just ask for it so he'll be easier to contact. On the other hand, if you ask him without a real reason he will probably take it as if you are interested in him and he could be happy about that as well.

    • pff, riskier you say, do you think it's easier for a guy? If he would be the one asking you out and you said no wouldn't it be the same way? He'd be to ashamed to talk to you again and that is probably why he isn't asking you now, because he is afraid of that.

  • Ask for his number.

    • Do I just say "hey, give me yo digits" or something? I don't know how to go about it.

    • Would be better than waiting for an eternity to find out if he's interested in you.

      Though like that would probably feel a bit awkward. Just simply ask for his number and ask to hang out with him sometime. Say something like "You know I think you're a cool guy and I'd like to hang out with ya some time. Can I get your number?" Just let it be natural.

  • Eternity. Maybe longer.


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  • This has worked for me "I'm going to go to Starbucks (or some coffee or simple food joint), care to join me?"
    You obviously talk face to face so why have the hang up with numbers to text and call when you can visit one on one in a chill, first date type environment? :))

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