What should I do about all of this?

So my boyfriend and I last talked on Wednesday last he told me he had an exam and felt he would be distracted if I were around him when he was studying he knew himself and wouldn't get the work done since I have done homework around him before plenty of times and he has done his homework with me lots and is usually able complete it all I kind of overreacted as I didn't understand why he felt he wouldn't get the work done and be distracted by me so I asked him why it would be any different and he was about to tell me but then my mom and dad kept calling me for my computer so they could use it so I told him to give me a minute by the time I went to see what they wanted and get the computer for them he was on his way home and stuck in traffic so he couldn't talk on the phone so I asked if I could call him back in half an hour to an hour he said ok yes that would be fine called him back in half an hour he was on the phone with someone else so he hit ignore on the call I asked why he ignored it and he told me he was busy talking to someone I tried a few times around 6 since I had said to an hour for calling him back he didn't answer so I tried once more to see if he would answer but he didn't after I gave it some thought I sent him a text to show I knew I overreacted before and was sorry and for him to just study and call/text me when he was done come Thursday I was in his area and decided to stop by his place he wasn't home so his mom told me to write a note and she would tell him I had stopped by for him on Friday and Saturday I went out because I needed to do something to keep busy rather then sit around and think when I was out Friday I recognized one of his friends so I went up to them and told them who I was and just nicely asked if they had heard from or seen my boyfriend recently as I had not heard from him since Wednesday and his phone was off still his friend said that my boyfriend had told him just the other day that he was going to Seattle this weekend

That he would be back Sunday On Saturday I ran into his same friend again and a few of his other friends who said the something but also told me he had an exam again on Monday so I tried calling on Sunday nothing tho his phone was back on but he didn't reply or anything I called once more before giving it a rest for trying to contact him but his phone was back off its not like him to do this kind of stuff he usually at least sends a quick text saying whats going on if he's gonna be busy
a few days we will have been dating for 5 months he was the one who said I love you first and when he first started showing interest I told him I don't date and he said lets see if I can change that and continued on trying till I said I would be official and with him and date him we normally spend everyday if not every second day for 1-5 hours together and now I feel stuck could use the help/advice my mom has been giving me advice a bit but doesn't seem to want to hear it anymore.



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  • It doesn't sound good

    • No it doesn't

    • But I`m gonna try his house or his school this week and see if he is around so I can talk to him

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