Why do I have to say sorry?

Every time my boyfriend and I get into an agreement I'm always the one to say sorry, He ALWAYS expects me to change and expects me to do everything. I just don't understand.


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  • You aren't compromising as a couple. If you don't address this with him it will end badly (from experience). Just say "hey I feel like when we are compromising, there is an imbalance." Communication is key. If you keep calm and be mature you won't be a bitch:)

    • For an 18 yr old just like him you know what to say

  • It seems that your bf is a little childish, but what kind of things you've being doing?

    • He really is, If I don't meet his standards of thinking then he calls me dumb, retarted, and stupid

    • why would you date him at all? date me! haha just kidding.
      But really, you both need to respect each other, and etc.

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