Do you think this is a game?

sometimes I doubt if the guy i have been dating for 6 months now truly values me or is serious. We're often on good terms, even with families, most friends. We had a few arguments but quickly solved it, never lasted more than 2 days. I never really sat down & talked about where we stand in terms of relationship and stuff because its uncomfortable to bring it up, yet i have this feeling deep inside that sometimes im not sure if he's for real or he's not just playing games. I respect his connection with his friends and i know he has known them long time before me, i never showed any sign of jealousy. Yet sometimes i feel like i'm put last, when i think i should be placed a little higher. I'm not the type to ask for stuff, i rather go with the flow and be humble. I also given gifts several times to show gratitude, but he gave gift only once. what do you think?

another reason why i never asked for this stuff or made any suggestions in terms of "gifts" is because of a personal belief that a relationship should matter more than materialistic stuff
i thought maybe i need to be a little more tougher or demanding/assertive to show him for what i stand but i thought it might just make things nastier and lead to more fights=breakup


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