Should I try waiting for him after school tomorrow?

Hi so my boyfriend of 5 months has been unreachable since Wednesday I told him I`d give him a call back since he was in traffic but he ignored my first call I asked why he told me he was busy on the other line after I tried again a couple times he's phone was off so I left it for the night I asked if he could see me the next day he said I don't know after I said I needed a yes or a no since I was trying to figure my day out he told me he had an exam on Friday so he felt he wouldn't get his studying done if I was there he thought he would be distracted I overreacted since I thought if he can get homework done with me there it shouldn't be much of a difference but after thinking realized I should say sorry since it was an exam and harder then just homework with it being university and exams are just not the same as simple homework and so I said I was sorry for overreacting to call/text me when he could I never heard from him so I went to his house I may have asked his mom about if she hated me because he gets all quite and says he doesn't want his mom to know he's home but I wasn't thinking I just said it without realizing I had started to say it she said she doesn't hate me tho but has talked to him about girls being there in the past but hasn't said my name in particular I left a note for him and went home over the weekend I saw some of his friends who I`d met before and decided I would ask if they had seen or talked to him recently they told me about his exam today and him going to Seattle to give his mom and sister their visa that he should be back Sunday since he has an exam today he didn't answer his phone Sunday it also was off shortly after awhile Sunday now I am wondering what I should do he was the one who said I love you to me first and wanted to change that I didn't date we spend everyday or at least every other day together and usually loose track of time so we end up spending till late at night hanging out from after class on sometimes we just spend the

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Night together at one point he said he wouldn't mind spending just everyday together that he liked being with me so now I am wondering if I should wait for him after school or not could use the advice/help.

I know where the building is that his class is in and also know where he tends to park since he always seems to be in the same parking lot when we go to his car after school so I was thinking I could probably wait by the building for his class since I have an idea of when he's out of class or I could just see about waiting by his car since I have an idea of when he would going there.


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  • It sounds like you need an answer. Not knowing is the worst thing… But if you want to find out what's going on, you also need to prepare to hear something that you are not willing to hear. It sounds to me like there is something going on in his life. It may have something to do with your relationship or not. If you decide to wait for him after school and confront him, keep in mind to listen what he has to say and if it's something bad about your relationship - remember he wasn't worth you. I hope it's nothing bad and you can continue your relationship. :)

    • Yeah good point and your right I will have to keep this in mind I just need to know whats going on its frustrating when things have been going good all week and all of a sudden he just up and is not speaking to me and I can't think of any reason other then his exams for not at least trying to talk to me so I think I will wait at his car tomorrow after school and take your advice as well thanks :)

    • I understand you very well! And I think it doesn't change anything if you confront him now at school. You just hopefully get to know the reason sooner than later. It can indeed be about the exams, my ex used be like that whenever he had exams coming… No matter what, you need to learn to communicate openly in order to your relationship to succeed :) Best of luck!

    • Yeah I agree I know he gets my messages cause his voicemail will be full and then a few hours later its not full anymore I finally got so frustrated that I just sent a long text saying if he was mad/upset at me that he needed to just talk to me about it and tell me what was going on and that since we are still dating its better to just tell me and talk about it because you don't ignore when your in a relationship I may have overreacted a bit by leaving a voicemail saying that his voicemail being checked proved he was ignoring me but I can't sit here and wait around I need an answer and thanks

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