Deciding if you should text a girl or not?

I'm currently talking to this girl, but I want to talk to her more. The thing is I always hesitate when I text her or Skype her. I always feel like she'll only respond because she feels like she has to. Normally when she texts or skypes me, we talk for hours.

But how can you tell if a girl wants to talk to you, or if she's just being nice by not ignoring you?


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  • If she keeps answering and seems that she's enjoying the conversation, then I assume she wants to talk. If the answers are less frequent and maybe short answers, then I assume she doesn't. If you're feeling that she doesn't want to talk when you send her messages, try to do it less often (the way I think you're already doing) and then you won't be annoying to her.

    • This sounds about right, thanks man

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