Did he lose interest? Or is he just not trying as hard to impress now that he knows I like him?

He used to text me first every day with good morning, how's your day, goodnight texts and now since I told him I'm a virgin and expressed interest in having sex with him, his texting habits have changed. He's not rushing to make plans for our next date even though he seemed excited about doing it and he made a refernce to "next time" ee see each other, so he's not just looking for sex, but he doesn't seem as interested based on texting habits. Am I over analyzing or is this normal because he knows he already has me, and doesn't have to text around the clock ant more? Is he just busy with work?


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  • Initial texting habits are never sustainable. Ever. There will always be a drop off once a guy is confident he "has" you because it takes a lot of effort to keep up those levels. It cuts into our lives. So once he knows he doesn't have to try as hard he can begin devoted more of that time spent on texting you to things he neglected while pursuing you.

    • That makes sense. It makes me feel like he still likes me, and if anything we're maybe more stable, but there's still a part of me that feels like it's not what it used to be and it's hard not to think he's not as into me

    • Time will tell, I suppose.

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