Confused what's going on?

I met this guy back in the beginning of December and we hit it off really well. We would constantly text morning til night, with him always texting me first. We talked about our interests and we have a lot in common. We went on our first date at the beginning of January. We had some drinks and we talked about anything and everything. We kept talking after that and went out again the weekend after. This time he insisted on picking me up and he took me out to a very nice restaurant. It went very well as well and the texting was normal. He even texted me a few minutes after he dropped me off to keep talking a little. We were both unavailable the next weekend, but we later met up that following Tuesday night. His texts were starting to become not as frequent and I sensed something wasn’t right. We went a whole day without texting, which was very weird considering that had never happened. I was busy and so was he so I didn't let it get to me. That Tuesday we were supposed to meet up he texted me in the afternoon to reschedule for Wednesday since what he had planned for Wednesday got moved to Tuesday. I agreed and went out with him Wednesday instead. This time he didn't offer to drive, so I met him at his place and went out for a bite to eat and then we went back to his place to watch a movie. He told me that the night before he went out for drinks with his friends. This confused me as to if he actually had plans that night or if he was just making it up originally. The dat was kinda awkward and I felt something was wrong. He said he was worried about work and he’s always on call. I know this is true, but he wasn’t acting the same. When we got back to his place we started off holding hands, then he put his arm around me and tried tickling me. He did this until the movie was over and then we just laid there for a few minutes until he kissed me. We made out for a while and texting has weird... I don't feel like he's trying to keep the conversation going, yet he texts me first.


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  • Texting can be really monotonous. Especially for men. I experienced the same thing before me & my boyfriend got serious. He wants to show you he still is interested, but maybe doesn't know what to say. I'd find a time neither of you are busy and go for an old-fashioned phone call. He is a young guy if he's in your age range and needs time to spend with friends as well. I wouldn't worry until he continuously ditches plans.

  • I think that you are over thinking things... He is still interested by rescheduling your hangouts and seems touchy when you are around. He told you that he is always on call, so he is busy and tired...
    The fact that he makes time for you while he is busy is very good. So I wouldn't worry...