How do you show your boyfriend that you are better then his ex?

so me and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship. yes i know there bad but the fact of thinking not being with him breaks my heart we have so much in common its crazy. i feel complete when we talk. he such an amazing guy but there is one thing. he still has feeling for his ex. maybe im just stupid i dont freaking no i just love him to much to let go. we broke up and he had asked me back out and i said yes. am i wrong? what should i do. i know we are perfect for each other? i can feel it.


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  • Your his rebound. I fucking hate being in situations like these. Run away while you still can, because if he still has feelings for his ex. She will win him over every single time.. there's nothing you can do to win over that. He asked for you back because he probably tried to get back with her, but it didn't work, so he went to you. His rebound.

    Stay away from people that rebound, and DONT fall in love with them.. Your just setting yourself up for a loooooooooong cycle of heartbreak. Get yourself out now!

    • thanks

    • I'm sorry to have to say it like that. I know you love him. My first love whom rebounded me, cheated on me with her ex, and then left me for him and is currently still with him. If someone is stuck on there ex, there is one thing you can do and that is to leave. Because the ex has something more that you don't. And thats time, and memories. They were probably together longer than you were with him, and thats why she will win over you. Its not your fault, or anything you did. He just still loves her. But thats unfair to you to have to deal with his confusion. Just get out, and start the healing process, and know to stay away from people that aren't over their ex.

    • no its fine it what i needed and now i know what i need to do

  • OK, i am in a long distance relationship, the thing is neither me or my girlfriend have feelings for someone we liked in pass. Sorry to say this but he is using you. He still have feelings for his ex and he wants to be with you thinking that he will forget her like that. Be careful.


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