Guys want a crazy chick or opposite?

Guys if you cheat in a girl do you expect / want her to go crazy on you like smashing windows and punch you in the face is that exciting is that what you like or you like a chick who gets cheated on and doesn't talk to you or wanna see you ever again cus you broke her heart. Which is more attractive haha , it's actually a serious question.


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  • Only type of crazy chick I want is one who's crazy in bed and sexually.

    • Think that's why he cheated on me? Am I not sexually crazy enough? He wanted to see what the other girls got. I always thought we had hot sex

    • Well we all like a bit of variety in the end (which is why I prefer open ended relationships.)

      Not sure what to suggest though. Maybe he had a fetish that he thought you wouldn't be able to do or something. I don't know. >.>

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