If I have texted him first the last few times, would you be annoyed? Guys opinions?

We went on two dates he said he had a lot of fun with me. We're both really far away from each other. He was persistent and initiated the first dates then I went back to school so were really far. We talked a bit but the lat few times I texted him first also when I was drunk. I asked him if he was annoyed he said no. Opinions though, would you be? I want to just be casual hangout once in awhile when I'm home. I want to ask him to hangout but I'm not sure if he's annoyed with me or no


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  • I only ever get annoyed at a girl for texting me first if I don't like (am not attracted to her). So if you're sure that he's enjoyed himself, then don't worry.

    • I know he is he's told me many times. I just wonder why he never texts me first. He always did when I was in town and when he wanted to make plans. So I guess he's maybe not huge into the whole talking over texting because he would rather hang out in perrson

    • There could be a number of reasons, most of which aren't bad or have anything to do with you. I read your other question, and I'm going to caution you that you're about to sabotage yourself. Don't overthink things. If he responds and seems happy and enjoying himself, and you're enjoying yourself just leave well enough alone for now.

  • I'm in the opposite situation, I'm usually the one who has to text first. I don't see why he wouldn't want you texting him.


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