How can I overcome these insecurities? I want a guy without attractive female friends and for him to adore me. Is this reasonable?

This is NOT easy to admit!! I don't just sit here throwing this out there, not seeing what's wrong with this mindset.

I am insecure. I can have any guy I want. I end up meeting guys that have all these beautiful female friends... Makes me feel not special.
I'm a homebody. I have the girl that goes out look to me, but I'm not. I'll meet a guy and he's not quite my type (attraction wise), but soo nice... But goes out all the time. attractive female friends.

And I want them to think im amazing. I feel second best right off the bat. Imagined or not? I just run away because it hurts.


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  • Why date him if he ain't ur type? Aren't u visual?


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  • That lets me knoeyou're insecure

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