Is this reason true and enough to resend my piano?

I bought a piano from japan and after few days Fukushima disaster come to my mind now I'm thinking if my piano have radiation because its from japan so is this true or I'm just over thinking?

Should I use it or resend it

And this is not joke.

Pls help



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  • Everything is radioactive. You are radioactive, you're food is radioactive, you're piano is radioactive... Or else I don't believe it exists... It's just such an EXTREMELY low level that you would never notice unless you are doing carbon dating or something like that. I wouldn't worry about it. It's probably far worse to fly on a commercial airplane (increased radiation from being up high in thin atmosphere) or going to the dentist and getting an X-ray or something like that.

    • Lets compare it to a mobile which one will have more radiation?

      And is the mobile same the one was in fuku? Or it's differnt?

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    • First thing that comes to mind is the upholstery... I would call up the manufacturer and ask them what they think about it. Don't mention the return, just ask like what part of japan, look at a map and compare it to fuku, etc. I wouldn't worry about your brand new piano. Notice all those cars are used, and so have probably been sitting around in 2011. You're piano didn't exist then, most likely.

    • They ship it from tokyo but y not this piano is effected by fuku dust?