He took me to the winter formal, then refused to dance?

There's a guy I really like, let's call him... Brandon. Me and Brandon have been talking pretty consistently about things ranging from what music we like, to languages we can speak to jobs we want, mand he kinda teases me about little things or does things to annoy me a bit ( like trying to talk to me in sign language even tho I don't know any ) he also stared a lot but not in a creepy way. There's this dance we have called the snowball and I asked him because I'm not sure if he could tell that I liked him or not and he said yes! It was great and all but then the weeks before the dance he wouldn't talk to me at all and aside from an occasional hi it was almost like I didn't exist. LA ( if u want to skip some writing here's the important part ) LA Day of the dance he walks me in, asks if I want to dance, and then says for us to wait for a better song to come on. I wait for a good 30 minutes ( meanwhile my friends AND his friends are trying to get us together) and then I have to tap his neck to get him to look my way (keep in mind the music way ridiculously loud and he didn't see me) and I ask him if he wants to dance. He says that he's not really much of a dancer and asks me if I wanna talk. We talk for a bit and it's nice but then one of his friends pulls him away for something important. a slow dance song comes up and he looks at me for a split second but doesn't say anything and than proceedes to talk with his friends. At the end, we took a few pictures and he gave me a hug but no smile and no thank you. I'm not saying he had to dance but after his friend pulled him away we didn't even talk. He wasn't alone with other girls and he looked at me a few times, so I can't really tell if he's shy and introverted or just a douchebag. Can I get some help


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  • Shy and a bad dancer