Here's one for ya ladies?

Women have seem to have a built in "creep o meter" able to sense a creepy guy a mile away. I get it. But if I approached you, what's a good way to start a convo and keep up the flirting going without being a creeper? Always liked many answers.

Gentlemen, what's worked great for you?


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  • I would say to be friendly and confident, charming always works. I know most women have a built in creep o meter. But I also think that it carts from girl to girl, depending on what interests her. But some guys are just straight up creepy.
    Also don't go overboard on compliments, girls like to be complimented but there is such a thing as too much

  • It all depends on the very first thing you say that makes us thinks he's a creep or he's nice. So start off confident and polite but don't throw compliment after compliment. Yes we like hearing compliments but when a stranger says it, if he says too many then we start to doubt them and their intentions. The biggest thing for me though is a guys tone. Guys can say the exact same thing but one can be creepy and one will seem nice all based on their tone and the way they say it.


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