Is she cheating/lieing to me? Help! IG comment and another guy?

Gonna give long story short:
-Met girl off dating site. been talking and hanging out every so often for 4 months so far.
-A month into talking to her, things slowed down drastically, when I upfront asked her whats wrong, she told me she doesn't want a relationship. I upfront asked her "Be honest please, i won't be offended, do you just not like me?" and she said "I do like you im just not sure about a relationship right now". and yes i did ask if there's another guy, about 2 times and she keeps saying no (and doesn't get defensive)
-As i stated before, even tho she told me she's not ready she still hangs out with me and we still go on cute dates and cuddle and stuff

Everything was fine untill I saw a comment that bothered me. She knows I know her tumblr, as she's shared it with me and I've sent her cute stuff on it sometimes. However she doesn't know I know her instagram (to be honest, i just googled her name and it popped up lol)

here's what got me paranoid:
She posted a selfie today (on instagram) and one of her female friends commented "Haha damn girl lemme hit that, kevin doesn't have to know" (my name isint kevin, and i haven't met her friends) and she replied "of course you can :)" ( referencing to her female friend)

I noticed that kevin liked that selfie as well as other friends, and i checked out his instagram and she liked some of his photos about his job.

when i went to his Facebook, it said in a relationship for the past 8 months. what i also kinda see weird is he has a "life event" posted that says "met (girl im datings name)". that doesn't necessarily mean dating or romantic wise, still kinda weird

the only thing that kinda assures me that maybe im overthinking, is 2 things. one she told her parents about me. not in a bad sense of course. and two, today i told her "You know, sometimes i feel like you just want this all to end because you still barely talk" and she replied "thats not true"

Please help GaG!

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by the way all her friends and her are 18. i'm 20. I don't know if that helps!
Another weird thing i remembered: i remember one time when we hung out she was telling me about prom last year and she said "yeah and then i went to my boyfriends prom and it was good"

she didn't say exboyfriend? and i didn't really think of anything to correct her. this happened like 2 months ago


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  • Sounds very fishy. What exactly did she say about you to her parents?

    • I asked her, she basically told them that she's been hanging out with me and stuff and basically that I exist lol. nothing bad (and i dont see what bad she could tell them)

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    • How can you discount the IG thing, though? I feel like that's very important.

    • I asked her she's like "well i didn't want you blowing up my IG" im like "what? but you're the one who says you get distracted a lot and forget to text back" and we kinda got into a minor argument but whatever.

      Then i asked her about "kevin" and she said its her ex and they've been good friends since their break up.

      his Facebook says in a relationship, why would my girl's female friend, make a joking comment about kevin getting jealous? Either they are secretly dating, or kevin has a new gf but has feelings for his ex (my girl)?

      really confused lmao. but like before me, my girl said she met another guy before me (thats not kevin). so clearly they can't still be in a relationship?

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  • Just ask her, "who is Kevin?"
    Face to face.

    • did, said it's her ex she's still friends with. what confuses me is his fb says in a relationship, so why would my girl's friend, jokingly make him jealous? are they still together secretly? or is he with another girl but still has feelings for my girl? sounds weird.

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    • Fling as in sex? Maybe. She can hardly leave the house tho. Maybe flirting?

    • Yes!! More like a flirting fling, not necessarily sex!!

      Those things one can't leave behind especially if the break up was nothing messy or tough.

      I suggest you cover ALL those needs, be the bestfriend, be the friends with benefits , be the one that loves her soooo much that she won't have the need to go back to "Kevin"

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