Did ruin things with a drunken text? Or was he never gonna call?

So I met this guy at a friends party about a month ago. We talked all night and kissed a couple of times.

I then saw him a week later at another party. We spent most of the night hanging out together and I ended up going home with him and we slept together.

A few days after him called me and we also exchanged several text messages. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to meet up again as he had to go abroad for work for a couple of weeks but he suggested that we arranged to meet up when he got back.

So he arrived back in the country three days ago and I haven't yet heard from him yet but stupidly I was out with friends last night and after a few drinks I sent him a drunken text message (nothing too crazy, just asking him how he was) and he hasn't replied.

Am I stupid in thinking that he was actually going to call when he got back? And have I ruined any chance that there may of been with the drunk text?

Please help guys, it's driving me insane!


Holly x


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  • I don't think the text ruined it...it was probably sleeping with him so soon. It may have sounded like a good idea for him to want to meet up with you again, but then the time apart made him reconsider. I bet you'll hear from him, but it will probably be for a drunken bootycall

    • If it's just the matter of him not being interested in her anymore, it wouldn't matter if she had slept with him or not, people can lose interest without sex being involved.

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  • From a relationship standpoint you shouldn't have been expecting a call.

    From a one-night-thing standpoint you could've expected a curteousy "hey I'm in town" text.

    - You two met at a party

    - You two socialized at parties

    - You guys slept together without any form of conversation stating your interest

    - He left town for "work" right afterwards (seems a little phishy to me...?)

    - He advised you to hang out with him when he got back, but yet no communication?

    The drunken text didn't ruin anything unless it had the words "You f'ed me over... blah blah blah" in it.

    This guy doesn't seem into comittment just yet; however, in the event that maybe he lost his phone or some other "bullsh*t" line. I would merely state that your interested in someone that can find a way to communicate.There's several options for giving you a heads up:

    - The oh'-so-popular MySpace

    - email

    - cell phones / home phones

    - friends / family (leave a message)

    - writing by mail

    - trying to find you in person

    - pay phones..

    You get the idea, my advice would be to focus your efforts where they are best applied.

    Best regards,


  • the question is how can you ruin somthing its already been ruined? you give in way too fast and expecting too much.

  • you screwed him way too fast I think. you gotta make them work for it :P

    • Rarely true - Sometimes a good session can bring in a partner. Everyone likes being satisfied.

      While it is faster than the general population, the time frame for performing would be best specified to those of whom will be doing so.

    • Haha you just wanna pull the f*** n' run

  • mayb ur vigiania was green


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  • I don't know why but this reminds me of one of the story lines in 'Hes just not that into you', none the less you met this guy at a party, only really talked to him at a party... maybe all he wanted was the nights from the party? Get me.

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