Ladies: Would you date a younger guy?

Let's say he's very mature for his age, wants the same things in a relationship as you do, and may even be everything you're looking for in a guy -- the only drawback being the age gap (not necessarily 10+ years apart, it could also only be a couple years). Would you still give him a chance, or would you be too turned off by his age?

I am not posting this in an attempt to hook up with any of you nor try to "get some", or even to make myself look like a prize, but I'm posting this out of both curiosity and a need to vent: I am very mature for my age. I know what I want to do with my life (I've not only planned it out but I'm already working on achieving my goals). I take life very seriously and do not take anything for granted. I also know what I want in a relationship, which is a long term relationship with a girl whom I am compatible with, and with the intentions of ending it in marriage. I do not date for "fun" nor out of desperation, I don't play that fuckboy shit.

I'll try not to drag this on for too long but basically the vast majority of the girls my age that I've encountered (not necessarily dated) are spoiled, immature, indecisive, like to play games, and do not know what they want. Although not all older women are more mature than girls my age, I know that as a whole they are less likely to play the same childish bullshit as 16-18 year old girls. I also know that a lot of guys my age are self-absorbed douchebag assholes who like to act like their big shit, and many older women would not want to deal with that. I posted this because I want to know if you ladies would give a younger guy like me (not me specifically, just younger mature guys in general) a chance because I do not want to have to be stuck with idiot girls.

Just to clarify something: I'm not saying that all young girls are stupid, only that the majority of the ones that I have personally encountered are like how I described, and I do not want to keep wasting my time with girls like them.

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  • I have not dated a younger guy before, nor do I want to.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I am haha, but he's only a year younger than me. That's about my limit at the moment because I'm only 19 (age of consent here is 16 hence 'about' - I still don't think I could date younger than 18 though) , hypothetically if I was older I don't think a bigger age gap would be that much of a problem though, depends on the guy


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  • Yep, I would.

  • I don't know if you're in college yet but there are plenary of girls looking for their MRS.

    Personally no, I wouldn't dare a guy younger than me but I don't even date guys my age soooo XD


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