Guys should I try to go to my boyfriends house or school to see whats going on with him? could really use the advice please ?

Ok guys could use the advice right now cause I am starting to really stress out and need to figure out what to do my mom was trying to be helpful and did give me some advice but she ended up saying she had to much of her own stuff going on right now to be able to help much so here's my question should I try to go to my boyfriends house and or his school and talky to him about whats going on? we have been together for about 5 months now and he said I love you to me first last weekend we spent all Friday night together and spent the night together at his place we hung out till 1 in the afternoon the next day together as well and this week we spent Monday and Tuesday together and usually spend everyday to every second day with each other from after school to around 12 at night sometimes since we tend to loose track of time easy or we will just spend the night together Friday and today he had exams and he went to Seattle this weekend but here's the catch he didn't tell me himself I found out from his friends and he hasn't been returning my calls or texts his phone was off from 6ish on Wednesday till he got back yesterday when we talked last I asked if he could see me Thursday he said I don't know maybe I can't see you and he was in traffic so I asked about calling back first time he ignored the call he told me he was on the other line so I waited then his phone was off when he answered the phone that day he seemed happy that I called him things have been really good when we hung out but now he's not answering me he lives with a home stay mom since he came here for school but we always end up going to his place or at least most of the time we do go there should I try to find him at his school maybe wait by his car for him? or maybe go to his place to see him? I went there last week and he wasn't home so I left a note and his home stay mom said she would tell him I stopped by for him could use the help.


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Yes I know I should probably not think about it and just try to be calm but its not that easy for me
But again I just need to figure out what is going on so should I try either of these?


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  • Yea my advice is just chill the fuck out. Who knows what's going on with him. Give him some time, if you feel unhappy with the way things are then just break it off. Don't put yourself through the trouble, a good relationship should be easy.

    • Yeah agreed it should be easy I`m trying to calm down but it would just be nice to know whats going on so I don't wonder I was just gonna give it a few more days till its been more then a week but I just don't think it's to much for even a quick hey I`m busy for the next week or so I`ll give you a call or text when I`m not so busy but you have a good point thanks

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  • You are crowding the poor guy let him have a full 48-60 hours without you constantly contacting him. Let him contact you if he wants to he needs his own personal space.

    • Yeah well its his idea he was the one who said he wanted to hang out as much as we do I did give him a bit of time since Friday till now basically alls I'm asking is that he doesn't ignore me but thanks