My brother why did he tell?

My 12 year old brother walked in on me making out with my boy friend. he went and told the whole 6 th grade about it and he told my parents , my older sister , my best friend and my whole class what can I do so this doesn't happen again because my boyfriend and I were embaressed because everyone knew and my dad was mad very mad at me for letting my brother see and because he didn't want it to go to far but I got this huge lector so please give me some suggestions on what to keep this from happening and rate how mad you think my dad was. I'm 16 by the way

I've seen him kiss his girl friend in fact he's not even allowed to date
I talked to my dad he said that he was very hurt by what I did and he didn't want me to ruin my life and I agree and we have relationship boundries we would never think of going to far and having sex


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  • He is 12, boys sister making out with her bf is a spicy news for him and what would a 12 year old guy do with it - he spread it.
    The only thing you could do are
    Lock the door next time
    Bribe him
    Kill him
    Explain him with some love
    Or try to move on
    I've been 12 and I remember how of a beat I was back then.

    • I'll lock the door the only reason I didn't lock the door was because we were watching a movie and my mom said don't lock the door

    • Then, you brother really need to be taught a lesson. :P

    • Oh yea he's grounded I told my dad about him kissing his girlfriend That he's not supposed to have

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  • he probably dobbed on yoy because he is 12 and doesn't respect you or your privacy. i've had that happened when my little sister won't keep her mouth shut.

    on a scale of 1 to 10 i reckon your dad would've been 10. possibly 11.

    • So true he was disappointed very

    • yeah but the point is you should be happy and your brother ruined that for you. maybe you can hang with your boyfriend in a more secretive place or at home when nobody is there.

  • Because he's 12.


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  • I have way way worse... Just move on. That is all you can do. Pretend it didn't happen and eventually people will stop thinking about it. Making out is normal but you are your dad's little girl so he was probably more surprised and hurt than mad

  • My brother is 21 and he still does shit like this wtf

    So immature and childish...

    Tell on him too? Maybe?

  • He told because he's a 12 year old boy who had something juicy to say about his sister. You should talk with him and tell him it hurt your feelings that he told people about this. He'll grow up and stop being that annoying little brother ;)

  • Were you in your room? Because if you were there is no reason why he should be mad. Your brother walked in on you guys without asking and then made a big deal out of it.

    • Yes we were in my room

    • ehh he is a 12 year old and they tend to gossip and make a big deal out of everything, I would just try not to bring it up anymore around your family.

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