Am I wrong for lying to him?

I am currently involved with a guy that I really like. I may actually love him but, I'm not sure yet. I want to be with him but I let my insecurities and ego get in the way. I believe we could be a power couple.

I lie to him to keep him from breaking my heart. I'm actually scared of him because he is far from what Im use to dating. I don't want to let him in and then he cuts me loose. I want to open up and be myself towards him.

Whenever I catch myself trying to I feel like a baby bird who wants to fly but gets cold feet when ever they look out their nest. I'm scared I'll fall and he won't catch me. I blame my past for me being like this now! I only lie to protect my heart.

So am I wrong for lying to him? Or am I bugging? Do I need to let my guard down? Should I confess to him as to why I'm so hard on him?


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  • Yes the lying is wrong. I don't know what you are lying about but creating any relationship around dishonesty is wrong. He deserves the truth and you are gonna have to deal with the consequences whatever they may be. I understand you have been hurt in the past but lying to someone you claim to care about will not make it better. If you truly want a better future and you want it with him then it is time to come clean and be honest with yourself and him.


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  • Yes, you are wrong for lying to him. By lying, you are hiding yourself from him, and that isn't right. Be honest and open. Is it hard? Yes. Welcome to the real world... it's hard


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  • The only way to really commit is by completely opening up. We all have had bad experiences in the past that keeps us from really trusting people, but if he have not given you any reason to feel scared then he deserve a fair chance to get to know you for real. I understand that you are trying to protect yourself but if you keep what you are doing now, he'll feel that you don't trust him and will eventually loose interest. Don't let your guard down all at once, always be cautious, but don't be too hard on him. Guys like to chase but they won't chase forever.