He doesn't realise his lack of communication?

The guy I am seeing is currently 4hrs away.
But I'm seeing him at the end of the week. He called the other night & we talked for over an hour on the phone.
Then yesterday he liked a status & a photo I was tagged in, which I took as a good sign after our phone call.
He snapchatted me, but didn't respond to my reply. Then I messaged him about a tv show asking how it was. He responded with 'Lovely :)'. After another 2 texts, he didn't reply.
I don't understand that we can have a great conversation on the phone, but messaging sucks. He also doesn't realise his lack of communication, and I don't know how to overcome it. If we are going to venture into a relationship as we've planned he will have to improve it!


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  • Some guys just don't text. Tell him you want him to more often.


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  • It is the same for me! And it drives me crazy!!! Except my boyfriend won't even say anything on the phone really either. Just in person... I will send him a text, no response for several hours... then I will send another... and another, he just never responds to me, so I call him, and then he says a few words, then bye. I go crazy until I see him again, then I'm satisfied for one day, then it happens all over again. I've tried to get him to communicate better, but it hasn't happened. We've been together for two years in two weeks, and in the beginning of our relationship he would always want to talk to me... now he never wants to talk.