First date outfit. What would your opinion be on these?

I'm trying to decide what to wear I'm 21.

1. Jeans with some boot heels (only 1 1/2 inch since I'm really tall already) then a semi dressy top that shows a little cleavage but not to much

2. Legging (I own thermal ones do doesn't matter that it's winter) with longer t-shirt that goes just past my bum and has a lower u shape neck but sits just high enough to no show selvage unless I bend over and then either heels again or uggs since it's winter and I live in a place with a lot of snow heels can be hard to walk in the winter here.. and the restaurant is a casual place

3. Any ideas? I'd wear a dress but I feel it's to cold for that and there mostly either sumer or to dressy I feel

I haven't been on a first date in a long time so any advice would be helpful
I was in a long term relationship so it's been five years for me..


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  • It depends on the mood you want to set, really.

    • Well what would you say each would set for you personally

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    • So what I'd the shirt for two had a little cleavage then also

    • shoot me a msg?

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  • They both sound like good ideas I wish you put up a picture so we can at least see which one looks better on you specifically


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  • Do you own a sweater dress? A nice nit cowl neck would go great with thermal leggings and tall boots! Cozy and cute!!

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