Just exactly how pointless would a love relationship be to you if there was no reciprocation?

Now this sounds like a dumb question but whenever I think love relationships, I think of a man doing and paying for almost everything in a relationship rather than making it mutual.

As a guy, if women can have a lot of expections of us, why can't we have our own expectations of how a woman should treat us in a relationship?


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  • I like spoiling people. I never had a lot growing up and what I did have, I used to give away or donate, much to my mothers horror and dissatisfaction. There are a lot of ungrateful people in the world, but there are also a lot of people who grew up like me, with not much, just enough to get by, and it feels nice when someone caters to you and cares about you.

    This goes for men and women equally, but the reason that it feels like men carry the relationship, treat their woman to stuff, and buy everything for their girl, is because of the fact that we didn't get a lot of the same rights as men until around the middle of the 1800's, a little earlier for other countries, but in the US, women weren't allowed to vote until 1920, and many of the other equalizing rights weren't given to us until about 1820. Now, that's over 100 years ago, so why are we still expectant of men to do everything for us? Because we took so long to equalize everything.

    There's a stigma around how women are the child bearers and can't fend for themselves, therefore needed to be fended for. Which is where the men come in. It's an unspoken stigma that's still just generally accepted today.

    Now, that's not all of us. I feel bad for having my meals paid for by a man. I think some things should be more mutual between the genders. But what it comes down to is how slow we were to accept that women are equal to men, how we raise our children, and how much communication is established. I have no problem paying for a meal, I also have no problem holding the door open for my man instead of him doing it for me, but the problem lays in how we teach our children, specifically girls, that we are helpless, and therefore must make the men pay. Literally.

    • I can understand it if it was back then when women couldn't get jobs at all to support themselves but today's a new era from all of that and men and women (who are old school) are gonna have to learn how to deal with the changes in the American (and Canadian) society now that women are now finally given much more opportunities than before.

      While I do like to give gifts to disadvantaged kids and a kind-hearted woman who likes me, I also at least like to get appreciated for doing such gestures towards people, which unfortunately, there are a lot of people who take my gestures for granted.

    • People are selfish. That's how it is, unfortunately. Think of it like this, gay people didn't just start appearing during the 2000's. Gay people have been around for hundreds of years, pretty much since the beginning, and yet we still can't accept them and give them the same rights as the rest of us.

      It's a similar situation with women. We just can't grow fast enough to accept things as the way they are, and it causes ripples in our society that break us.

      It's annoying to consider that all girls just expect to be daunted on ALL the time EVERY time. But there are girls out there, myself included, who, when they are able to, enjoy spoiling their significant other just as much as you would enjoy spoiling them. They're just a little difficult to find.

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  • Pretty frigging pointless. Huge waste of my time.

  • My boyfriend will just tell me that he wants me to treat him out for dinner, etc. Because he usually treats me... I actually felt bad, I've never thought about it before... I guess if guys would tell girls how they want to be treated, then girls would actually think more about it, and some might have a problem with it, and some maybe not...

    • A lot of us guys stay quiet about how we want you ladies to treat us because it makes us feel "less manly" to expect even just a basic reciprocation from their women.

      I know that sounds like a very stupid and ego-driven reason but that's just the way it is with a lot of boys.

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