Girlfriend had to choose between me and her family And she broke up with me?

I'm devasted because we were going to move out and I really thought she was the one. Her mom said she would never speak to her again. she broke it off and Im literally just in a state of shock. I'm numb. Should I give this time or seek professional help. I really don't how I'm going to get over this. How long does it take.

She called me the next day balling and crying saying she made a mistake I told her to make a choice and stick with it.


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  • What did you expect her to do? She should give up her family for a guy that can screw her over in a matter of minutes?
    Why doesn't her family like you?

    • I'm not going to screw hee over I told her I'm not trying to get married right now but I think we'll at least last a while. Literally said I would pay for her college.

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    • What I told her. We'll I told her it's a bluff.. I told her cutting her off is alright because I'd take care you. But her mom never talking to her again sounds very weird.

    • So you think she's bullshitting you?

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  • Umm what did you think was gonna happen.. her family has been with her since day one. I wouldn't give up my whole family for a man.

  • She already made her decision, move on.

  • When you make people choose they will always get rid of you. Otherwise it says to you that it's ok for you to manipulate me.
    What did you think was going to happen exactly?

    • Well she said she was going to do it and just got cold feet.

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