Should I ask my good friend to help with a guy I really like?

So I'm really crazy about this guy, and we met through a mutual friend who I'm good friends with. however we got into a huge relationship straining fight. My good friend knows about the fight and (this may sound bad) but was part of the reason why we fought.

My good friend and I however, seem.. on decent terms (but didn't apologize for being a fight cause), he also knows how I feel about his friend. I would like to fix things between me and the guy I'm into dearly however he will not talk to me and cut me off. I feel like I know the answer to this ridiculous question and feel silly for asking but Ill ask it anyway (face palm).

being that he's a good friend of mine and also good friends with the guy i like and knows what happened.. should I simply ask him to talk to his friend for me? or find an other way? (its already been a week of silence from the guy I like)


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  • Use the friend as an intermediary.

    • so your saying I should? Because I've talked the friend recently and we're ok, it feels weird at times to talk but we're ok. but when I brought up how I felt about his friend and was honest about it he said and I quote "telling me, won't change anything". he also said he didn't really have advice on how to get a hold of the guy I like or what I should do. Which is either him simply not helping me for a reason or he really is useless and doesn't know. I'm really at odds with myself and in between a rock and a hard place lmao.

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  • Definitely not. You should ask that guy himself.

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