Broke no contact?

So my ex boyfriend and I broke up 4 months ago. We continued to talk via text but things became really bitter on his side. So a month ago i decided we needed some space so decided 30 days no contact might help. So he messaged me twice in that time and i ignore because i was already 15 days in. So i got to 26 days no contact until he cracked it with me saying that i was the one who wanted friendship and if i wanted to be friends then i needed to talk to him and stop playing games.

For starters I wasn't playing games. Anyway i broke no contact and things started out alright and then he became really rude. Telling me how happy he is that he has never felt better in life. Never felt so accepted. That girls thought he was really attractive and stuff. I asked him to not say these things as I hadn't asked, He also told me he was seeing a girl. And like i get that that was going to happen but he just expected me to be accepting and how can I?
but then he tells me how amazing she is and then proceeds to tell me that i'm inferior and all this stuff.

I have explained to him how he has hurt me, but he doesn't get it and can't see how I can be hurt and if we are going to be friends i need to know these things. I agree I do, but not that way. He also told me his new gf was stalking me while he was sitting there and like how am i supposed to be fine with that? I was really short with him and just said. Bye talk soon. But my friends and family have told me I'm crazy if i speak to him again. And he messaged me today and i feel i need to ignore him to move on. But i feel really bad. But I feel that unless he says sorry for all the things he has said after the break up than there's nothing there. No chance for a friendship.

Is it okay to ignore him? I know that I might lose him altogether but everytime we talk he just rubs his life and his 18 year old gf in my face. We are 23. So i was a bit spiteful and told him she was too young.

I caught up with him at 5 the month mark after he said he wanted to be friends. we talked about everything and i think that we can probably be friends. It's hard at times but it does work.


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  • It's a great idea to ignore him. He is worthless to you and a source of stress. He came back just to brag.


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  • Perhaps he is so self-absorbed that he views what you’re doing as game-playing out of his own frustrations and he cannot see that what you are doing is for your own healthy benefit so you can readjust to life without his presence. If anything HE is playing games to act like he wanted your friendship so badly then mistreat it as soon as you give it to him. Him telling you about new females in his life after your request to not know is straight up DISRESPECTFUL, rude, and inappropriate. He sounds emotionally abusive and he’s directly mistreating whatever connection there is left.

    I’m sorry that I have to be the one to bluntly say this to you but…. YOU ARE BEING WEAK. SNAP OUT OF IT. This guy is obviously no good for you as a boyfriend or as a friend. Clearly he has managed to let you down as a significant other and as someone who claimed to be your friend. He does not respect you, your feelings, or the troublesome situation you are risking by attempting to be friends with someone you were once physically, mentally, and emotionally intimate with. You two have no business in each other’s lives anymore so stop lying to yourself and pretending that it’s actually realistic for you to be buddies after everything you’ve been through. Yes girl, it is totally okay, acceptable, reasonable, and wise to not be friends with him. Contrary to his self-centeredness, you don’t owe him an explanation: HE IS YOUR EX. Stop giving him the opportunity to accumulate his mess. Delete/block him from everywhere and don’t ever speak to him again

    • Girl, stop putting yourself through this. If you continue this way, you will only have yourself to blame because he has shown you his true colors and you can see how disappointing they are. Stop putting up with his sh*t and choosing to relive his troublesome BS by giving him a place in your life. You are 23 years old which means you are old enough to empower yourself towards better routes yet young enough to preserve joyful youth. There is no being friends: you need to get that through your head. The chance of a friendship died when his penis entered your vagina and when you started associating that shoulder to lean on as a romantic investment. You two will NEVER be friends. Cut him off, delete/block/remove him from any social media, delete his number, be strong and move forward.

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    • Honestly girl, that’s none of your business. I know you don’t like to hear that nor do you want to hear that because you still feel an attachment towards him and you want to remain linked to him in some form, but the female who’s now in his life sincerely is none of your business. It is no longer your concern. You are relieved of your right to know what type of female he focuses on. You are so jealous and it’s painfully obvious. You still have feelings for him so that is reason alone why you should stop lying to yourself and pretending that you can actually be his friend.
      He told you that to get under your skin and it’s working. You’re giving him even more control and power over your ability to be happy and refamiliarize yourself with peace of mind.

    • You’re welcome : ) I can see you digging yourself deeper and deeper into his mess so I really feel for you woman to woman. Girl, you are only 23 years old: stop wasting what’s left of your youth on this a**hole!

  • He act like a child. Let him go. Better move on.

    • That's what i told him that the way he speaks to me whether i am his ex or not is not right. You dont call someone inferior. And you deffnitely dont tell your ex how amazing your new girlfriend is if you want to forge a friendship at some time. I have feelings. we were together over 3 years! I understand that his allowed to date but I dont need it rubbed in my face. just tell me your seeing a girl and she's really nice. Not that she's nothing like you because i wouldn't be dating her

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    • @opinion Owner. I'd like to believe that he feels bad about the break up but he hasn't shown it at all. He moved on a week after sleeping around with other girls and stuff. Which is what guys do. I truly believe he hasn't dealt with his issues and had time to think about the end and that his new 18 year old GF will discover this and she will only end up hurt as well as he deals with it in a month time. Not my problem right?

    • Right it is not your problem. And you can remain friendship if you could. I think better friend than enemy. So I try to be friend with everyone.