Dating this guy for 4 months, feeling lacklustered?

He is my first boyfriend and he used to be really sweet before we got together and during the honeymoon period. He was quite affectionate and compliments me quite often. However recently I find that sometimes when I am with him I have this empty feeling where I feel that he is not completely with me. The chemistry comes and goes and he is less affectionate. He invited me camping with his friends and he was quite distant when we are in groups but during the nights he is more affectionate and we cuddled a lot (no sex). We haven't got much in common he is very introverted (doesn't like crowds) whereas I am an outgoing person. To be frank, I can get along more with his best guy friend as we have more in common. I am still physically attracted to my boy but I feel that he doesn't share the same feelings anymore. I told him that I needed more affection but he says that he is affectionate but not openly in public..
We haven't fought at all, and it used to be him that tells me that he misses me even a few hours after we last saw each other. But now I'm always the first to say I miss him, I have stopped saying that in hopes of him saying it to me first again..
We text each other everyday and say i love you every night though.
I also want to add in that whenever we are out there are guys and girls checking me out, I am an attractive person but I feel that my boyfriend doesn't capitalize on that at all. Sure he told me I am stunning/gorgeous/beautiful but I feel that I am missing that "look" that other suitors give me that says "I can't keep my eyes off you". That feeling where you can't keep your hands off each other in public. That feeling of, I'm proud she/he is my partner.
If this feeling of emptyness continues, should I end it or talk to him?


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  • Holy shit.

    All of this, and you're talking about a relationship that's only been going on for FOUR MONTHS. That's NOTHING.

    Time to end it, I can't imagine what this shit would be like after a year.


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  • Isn't it obvious? He's an introvert. I mean, he doesn't like crowds, he's probably a shy person. Maybe he's too shy to make a move, or maybe too shy to be affectionate on you in public. From what I've read, he's affectionate and really cares about you, but he's just to nervous to express his feelings to you. I guess you should talk to him if you want to make sure.. Its okay to tell him that this is bothering you

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