Why do guys act like this when a girl asks for their thoughts?

My bf and I broke up a few months ago and got back together. Things were not the same when we got back together, he seemed very careless. He wouldn't get mad at anything, or happy, or sad, he just was emotionless. He tends to ignore my messages usually. I'll ask how his day was, or how school was, and he won't respond. When I ask him why he ignores my messages he lies and says he didn't see them, when my phone tells me he did. He never wants to go out for dinner or anything. He just wants to stay home and "watch movies". I confronted him last week and wrote him an email about how I was feeling. I told him i felt like he was emotionally unavailable, and that I felt like he didn't really care to invest himself into our relationship. I asked him how he felt, and that if he wasn't looking for a serious relationship with me to just say so. I told him I was hurt that he cancelled plans with me and ignores my messages. I told him I was confused because whenever I try to give him space, he begs me to come back into his life. He hasn't responded at all. I sent this message to him on Thursday and its Tuesday now. Is he taking time to think or is he ignoring me? I know sometimes guys need some time to think about heavy stuff like this, but is it normal for a guy to take this long to get his thoughts together? Why can't he just spit out how he feels?

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What Guys Said 1

  • It definitely sounds like he's ignoring you. My short answer is that it's probably time to move on. It doesn't sound like things will get better. It's normal for guys to act the way you've described when you leave and they ask you to come back. That doesn't always mean he cares and just doesn't want to be alone; sometimes for selfish reasons. That's one way to look at it.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't like all that feelings stuff either. I don't like when people ask what I'm feeling or if they are too clingy. I also don't like when people send me emails. I don't check them.

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