Not sure about his intentions. Help?

There is something going on between a friend of mine and I. We never went past making out. It's not like we only make out, we still talk a lot about whatever is going on in eachothers lifes.
I know that he was kind of a player in the past because we've been friends for some time now. So I don't want to push him to being in a relationship again because I know that it's been some time since he's been in one.
We have some mutual friends and they know because both of us have talked about it.
We sometimes go without talking for 2 weeks but it's never awkward when we meet up again.
Everyone of our friends is pushing us to get together but we've never defined the relationship.
I'm just not sure about his intentions.


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  • His intentions might be the same as yours

    • Well, i'm kind of in the middle because I would want to be with him but if he would say that he couldn't be in a relationship right now, that would be ok.
      I'm just kind of worried that he doesn't want to define the relationship at all