Getting sick of my situation involving work and a girl I like. ?

wouldn't you be happy if the guy you like said he likes you and wants to date you but is a little hesitant because of work? i thought she would warm up to me and let us get comfortable and then id ask her instead she has backed away. really kind of surprised and not happy with the reaction. how can you show such interest and then when the guy puts it all out there back away. especially if you like him. i did say i want to im just afraid

  • id be happy if a guy told me this but give space
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  • id be happy if a guy told me this and would try to flirt still
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  • it be end of flirting
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  • it be end until guy makes move
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  • She decided she didn't like something. Fuck her, move on.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Did u clearly show that you are interested? maybe she thinks you don't like her? Maybe she is shy or scared? I'm in a similar situation. You will have to talk to her about it

    • I said I like you im just afraid to date because of work, I want to, but ill tone it down. as in the flirting. I felt like I should of said that because I didn't want to seem clingy.

What Guys Said 2

  • There's a chance that you came off as giving an excuse

    As in, "it's not you babe, you are wonderful, it's me"
    "I like you, but I'm not sure cause of work"

    Get what I mean?

  • Ex gurl to the next gurl.