Is he embarrassed by me?

so there is this guy on my floor... wen we talking a group he will wait to people are finished then pull me aside and hug me and touch me and talk but as soon as people come around he stops... we were in my room talking about a concert he went to and I asked to see his shirt he told me to touch it after was running my hand down his arm into his hand he held it but dropped it as soon as someone came into the room.. he will talk to me but when other people come around he gets weird and stops... I friend requested him he's never answered, never asked for my number or to hang out... what does this mean.. he embarrassed by me or just some piece of sh*t player...


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  • He can very well be a player (but I don't know the guy). But to me if he is a player I think he would have already tried to get you into bed. I think he just feels awkward with public display of affection and doesn't know how to handle it. That is my insight.

    Maybe next time you see him invite him to hang out with friends or something chill. See his reaction and let me know. Hopefully then you two can exchange numbers.

    • It makes sense,but he's very flirty and hungs other girls and guys... he can touch other people wen in a group... just not me... he make playful faces at me and also look at me when he thinks I'm not looking

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