Girls have you ever got back together with an ex bf?

you dumped him, and he felt horrible, he begged you to come back, etc...

later he gave up, and you didn't hear from him for a while.
he started working out, changing his style, sport a new look and generally improving on himself.

you still have him on social media, or occasinally cross his path,

you notice these subtile changes, or start wondering how he is doing,

do you girls ever think about an ex bf ( if he wasn't an asshole ), and what if you would see him looking great, will it make you think about them...

getting dumped sucks, you can do 2 things, drink alcohol and stuff yourself with food, or work on yourself, look great and show people you are a different person. so girls give me an insight in the way you view ex bfs and if you ever got back together, and what made you get back together.


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  • Sadly yes. I did. One of the worst decisions I've ever made. Some things are better left in the past. If we didn't work back then I guess I should have known it wouldn't work either. I guess we all have our moments of nostalgia. Often, we tend to only remember the good parts of the relationship.

  • He cheated on me. I was glad when our relationship ended. Yet, everytime we ran into each other, I fell for him all over again. We'd have those one night stands too. I didn't expect to have sex with him again just to not see him again for a couple of more months, but it often happened that way. Now he looks disgusting as if he's sprung out on drugs. He's also still a cheater. So as of now, I would not fall for him again no matter what


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