Gone on a date with the same guy every weekend for three weeks with another date this weekend... But what about Valentine's Day?

We've gone on a date every weekend for nearly a month and are going on another date this weekend. We've already had sex, but not discussed being exclusive and we don't see each other during the week...

Should I bring up that Valentine's Day is next weekend? Should I wait and hope he does? Should I not expect him to want to spend Valentine's Day together since it hasn't been very long? Ah! I don't know!


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  • I think everybody views it differently. Since you guys have been dating I do feel he should spend Valentine's day with you and he should buy you something even though you and him are not exclusive. It's almost like if your birthday was on the weekend. He should buy you a gift and spend time with you. I think it's a tough call. Part of me thinks you should bring it up and another part of me says say if he surprises you. It's a tough decision. What have you guys been doing on your dates? And who pays for what?

    • Nothing too elaborate. We've done a few dinners, both of which he paid. On one of them I picked up dessert at a different place after dinner because I felt like that was fair. Gone to a movie -- he covered it with a pass thing and paid for a few arcade game rounds. Hung out at my place so there was nothing to pay for -- but I did offer him food and drinks, etc. We don't go doing things that are too expensive as we're both young and on a budget, still students and stuff. Does that help give you an idea whether I should bring it up or let him?

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    • He has suggested doing things on his own majority of the time, with me one time having strongly hinted at it (basically saying, "So about a second date... :)") but which he ran with and sorted out the plans. So he has played a major roll in the momentum of the relationship up until this point.

      More importantly, though, things sorted themselves out! He messaged me today explaining how his work schedule changed and he won't be able to keep our plans this weekend, but brought up how Valentine's Day is next weekend and that he'd love to take me out and make up for it. I'm going to call this an immense win. :)

    • Hahaha lol wow that is a win and it's good that you didn't have to bring it up. I am glad that he is making it up to you. And that is good that he suggests things to do. It takes some of the work off of you to make choices. Well I hope he does osmethign very nice for you and Valentine's and I am glad that it worked out. :)

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