What am I dealing with here?

I've been dating this guy for 3 months solid. I stay over all of the time and have spent Christmas as well as New Years together. I have met his family, and some of his close friends. Last weekend, he told me he was going to his buddies bday party, and that he didn't want me to go because his friends wives are "bitches" and he didn't want me to feel awkward. Well I went out that same night with some friends and called him at 3 AM just to say hi, and another girl answered his phone. I asked to speak to him and she didn't hesitate to give him the phone. He talked to me for a second like nothing was wrong with another woman answering his phone. After we hung up, I didn't hear from him at all Saturday (nor did I try to contact him) And most of the day Sunday until he text me during the superbowl saying, "Seahawks!!!" I let him know I wasn't very happy about another woman answering his phone, and he didn't respond. He called me 3 hours later and I didn't answer. Monday came around and he text me saying "had a friend pass away this weekend. Rough couple of days." And went on to tell me that It was a girl that answered his phone that I have met before. This text was sent in the morning. I sent him multiple messages throughout the day trying to get answers and didn't get any. But right before bed he text me saying "Lost a dear friend. can't fight right now."

We have had he talk about sleeping together exclusively and that he wasn't dating anyone else. And neither was I. But he doesn't want a title. Mind you, we met on Tinder. And he still checks it occasionally, but so do I...



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  • He is keeping his options open im affraid

    • I've thought that too, but I've told him "I'm done" a few times and he does whatever to try to keep me around.

    • Because he knows you will go back if you cut him out and stayed firm for a few weeks then he was still trying then that is when you hit him with wr are either a couple or we go do our own thing if. he is serious about you he will make that commitment and won't loose you again. But because you stick around he knows you ain't going to follow it through and knows he can tell you anything and you won't walk away.

    • Yea, I won't text him for quite some time, and he will text me out of the blue. He always lets me know I'm his favorite person. And his phone never goes off other than friends calling and he answers and I don't know, I'm just confused on what I should do... :(

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