Do I Owe It To Her?

Over a month ago I started dating a girl. We have a lot in common and got along great. She was one of a kind... she's awesome. I really like her. Our first few dates went good. 4th date I brought her dinner and watched a movie. We ended up making out, talking, and playing/teasing each other. She was all smiles and laughed. I tried making plans with her that weekend to go on a hike but she was busy with work. So I made plans for last Wednesday to go bowling and watch a movie at her place. After bowling We went back to her place, watched the movie, and made out.. passionately. She said she wasn't ready for sex and I told her I would wait. We made plans to go see live music last Friday and I left.

She sent me a text Friday telling me was wasn't going and said she wasn't ready for a relationship. She said she thought I was an awesome guy and thought she was ready but couldn't do it right now. I asked if anything wad bothering her. She said nothing was bothering her but said she didn't want to waste my time. I said, "It's alright.. bad timing I guess." She opened up. "I'm sorry.. I'm scared I guess." I questioned her. "I just don't feel like I'm on your level yet." I questioned again. "I just don't feel like I know you well enough to like you as much as you seem to like me." I told her I understood and that it takes time. I told her it was okay. She told me she was sorry but glad I understood. I didn't respond.

It's been 4 days. I feel like the ball is in her court.. but at the same time I feel like i owe her an apology. I shouldn't have made moves like that. I should have waited. I feel like if i would have apologized.. maybe she would give me a chance. She went from being closed book to telling me how she felt. I think maybe she was having second thoughts. Should I give her a few weeks and contact her or wait for her to initiate contact?


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  • Awww, you seem sweet !
    See guys just can't win with us haha.
    Personally it sounds like because you're making plans for the two of you, which is what we say we want !

    Maybe let her know more about you :) and just not see/speak AS much, but still put the effort in all your conversations :)

    Sorry that we're such brainfucks' sometimes haha!
    You don't owe her an apology though :)


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