He asked me out and I said yes?

Okay so G is a year younger than me, since about October 2014 he's been sitting next to me on the bus, after a while classes me as his best friend, today he said 'I've got something important I have to tell you' then I guessed random stuff, by the way he was acting I knew he was gonna do it, so he wrote it on some paper, I said yes and he seemed so surprised, then he wrote I love you and tried to hug me when I got off the bus. What do I do now? Have a go and see what happens? How do I act? Not actually allowed to have a relationship with anyone (strict parents). But I never follow their rules.

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  • If he gets serious quickly, tell him I just want to be friends
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  • If you really like him then go out with him. You did say yes and now he wants to hug. I think eventually he will want to kiss and hold your hand. Go with the flow if you want. If things get to crazy then either take things slow because their is no rush. Or end things if he acts to crazy.


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