Would you assume he is not interested if he didn´t make moves on the second date?

so you had two dates that were good, pleasant chat, lauging, everything is fine... but would you assume he´s only interested inf riendship, if he didn´t try to hold hands or kiss or cuddle?


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  • It depends. If he doesn't contact me that much or doesn't make times to see me, I would think that that meant he could possibly not be interested. If I knew for sure that he was into me by his other words and actions, I would think that it was really sweet that he didn't want things to go too fast physically (: To be honest, I don't even think I'd want to kiss anyone until the third date haha I like getting to know a guy really well on an emotional level first before doing anything physical.

    • yeah this is what i thought too. i just had a talk with a platonic friend of mine and she said that girls would expect it on the second date and that i might have blown my chances because of not making a move XD

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    • you don't need to feel pressured. If you're not comfortable doing anything physical (and by physical I don't necessarily mean feeling each other up. I meant like holding hands, or maybe a long hug or a kiss), then you can tell him that. You don't owe any guy anything.

      I just think that it's a normal thing that if the first and second date goes well, around the end of the second date at least, something physical is bound to happen (again, not necessarily sexual).

    • i would still feel very pressured, if that was expected xD

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  • If he/she organised a third date, im fairly sure that would be enough of an indication of interest. You dont keep chasing something you dont want.

    • yeah so in my case, she seemed really interested in a third date (the same way she was really enthusiastic towards the second one). she said something like yeah we should definitely meet again. but then she kind of texted less often and said that she couldn´t, because she was busy with studying and such.

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    • Dont live your life by might's and maybe's. Live it by will's and can's.

    • :D i know that´s what i allways tell people XD but i´m a huge hypocrit when it comes to this ^^