Could my attitude changing make him not want to be with me anymore?

My bf and I have been fighting quit a bit lately. He says it is cuz my attitude sucks. Cuz I am a ***** and smart-*** now when we first started dating I wasn't. It is just my personality I guess. Which sometimes I do say stuff I shouldn't. I have accused him of lying and cheating when I have no proof. I just think it cuz I have bad trust issues due to past relationships. We don't have sex or cuddle much anymore. He says it is cuz I fight with him and everything I mentioned up above. Couple nights ago we went to the bar and I was drunk. On our way home I accused him of flirting with this chick. We live in a small town so I know how a lot of girls are. She was drunk as well and is married. But she still flirts and ****. She kept asking him to come out for a smoke. Which he did a couple times. I talk to her but don't really care for her. So he got mad at me on the way home cuz I accused him of flirting. Then sat we watched the superbowl and he went up to a girl who I graduated with mom. She is an alcoholic and can be a whore. He went up to her and said her name which he normally doesn't due that. Then he kept smiling at her which was annoying to me. I asked why he kept doing that and he said he didn't. He then told me he wanted to break up and be single n that he didn't want to be with me anymore. He was drunk when he said all of this. When I asked him again he kept changing his story saying he wanted to be together. Then the next time he said break up. Then I asked which one he wanted again and he said he wanted to be together and be single. The next day he was sober n so I asked him. I text him N tld him to tell me the truth. He said he wants to stay together. But he wants me to grow up n change. Which he has to do it to. Our relationship is unhealthy right now but we love eachtother. Can my attitude changing make him not as affectionate anymlre? Also why did he say that when he was drunk but then he wants to be together when he is sober?

He told me the next day when he was sober he wanted to stay together. And that he only said break up cuz he was pissed at me for thinking and saying stupid stuff.


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  • You are being a typically unreasonable girlfriend. Sorry but its true. If you start having sex more often that might work towards fixing the relationship but its possible the damage is already done and you will just keep getting annoyed at and subsequently annoying each other.


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  • I think that this relationship is giving too many signs that it won't work. I say that you both need to make an effort to change, if it doesn't happen, I think that breaking up the best thing to do.

  • what guy would wanna give all that up? no you 2 sound perfect for each other


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