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Me and my boyfriend broke up last week..well he broke up with me..saying he had a lot going on right now and I wasn't on the top of his priority list anymore..etc..well I hadn't heard from his since Tuesday which was thee day he broke up with me so I decided to call..probably a stupid idea..but I did..and surprisingly he answered..he was being super nice and said the reason he hadn't called me first was because he was afraid I was still upset..which I am but I'm not going to tell him that...he was just acting like nothing had happened..asked me what my plans for the day were and stuff..well he asked if I wanted to do something monday and I said yes..this is where I'm confused..he just broke up with me and already wants to hang out? What does that mean..I asked him if we were just going to be friends and he said yes but can someone really go from dating someone to just seeing them as a friend so soon? I know its going to be hard for me hanging out with him..what should I do? Should I not put myself in that situation..I don't want to ask him if he would ever give it another shot later on down the road because I don't want to scare him away but at the same time I don't just want to be friends with hm if he's never going to try and make it work later on..I need advice...should I ask him right now if he would ever consider dating me again or would that be bad to ask so soon after he broke up with me?


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  • >should I ask him right now if he would ever consider dating me again or would that be bad to >ask so soon after he broke up with me?

    Are you THAT desperate? I don't think so.

    He just needs time, space, and a good friend-girl.

    Has he moved on? Then respect that. You have your dignity.



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  • dont worry about him he wants what every guy wants but if ur just friends he will use the fact that you still like him to get some and then he don't have to worry about the girlfriend boyfriend status anymore and you will just get hurt I say if it don't work the first time well screw it because people don't change the way their that easy...


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  • He just wants to be friends it seems like. He's just not that into you anymore but still cares about having somewhat of a friendship with you.

    How long were you two dating? If you dated for a year or more than I think he misses your company. He's used to talking to you everyday. This doesn't mean he wants to be back with you. It means he misses your company. In a NON ROMANTIC WAY.

    I'm going through a similar situation myself. So I know it all to well. after seeing how it played out two months later. Its going to hurt and complicate things more by doing the friend thing. You'll only give yourself more false hope. trust me don't do it! You need to explain to him that its much too soon to do anything as friends. You want it all or nothing and he needs to respect that. He's over being with you, but your not over being with him. Take some time away from it. As hard as it is trust me you need to do that... go out with your friends and have fun. Occupy your time. and DO NOT call him. CUT THE CONTACT. delete his number from your phone. DO NOT drunk dial/drunk text. Don't readily sit on the computer hoping he gets on. You'll only make yourself more upset when he doesn't write you. The more you chase him the farther he's going to run. If you want to have a go at maybe getting back together you yourself need to move on and get over the hurt and give him time to figure out if he misses you and wants to give it another shot. Do not ask him. this is stupid. He will let you know if he wants it. Women are a 2 way street. Men one way. They don't think they just do and rarely occurs to them how women feel after a break up and how keeping in touch/trying to be friends so soon gives us false hope.

    Hope I helped!