Should I ask him out if he's not asking me?

I met him online a few weeks ago and we text like all day like every day. We've talked about meeting and what we'd do, but we've never arranged a date - except to say like sometime mid Feb. It's like almost mid Feb now. Should I ask him outright if he still wants to meet and when? Should I suggest something specific and a date? Part of the problem, I think, is that he lives like an hour away. I don't if he even wants to meet or if he's just trying to blow me off. But if he was trying to blow me off, why would he keep texting me?


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  • I think he has to like you or be interested since your texting him a lot and every day. Im assuming that he may be very rusty or very shy. I think you should wait since we are not in the middle of February yet and see if he suggests meeting up. If he doesn't suggest something by then. Then maybe you should ask him when he has free time to meet up with you and see what he says.


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