Hi i'm crystal brandon I got a text message from my new boyfriend kyle wayne goodson he said he's in llove with me was he being serious?

I think my new boyfriend is in love with me. what should i do if my new boyfriend is in love with me.

Y is my boyfriend buying me floweers for Valentine's day y does he want us too make out could i get pregnant by him if he makes out with me n humps me without wearing a condom.
My new boyfriend at work kyle growled at me when i walked by his work area after when my new guyfriend jesse was messing with me he also touched me today i think kyle is jealous or mad at me


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  • you shouldn't mention full names in your question


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  • you can't really be 30 asking this question

    • has troll written all over it hahaa.

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    • defintley not 30

    • Well she could be someone with special needs..

  • I don't think these things should be rushed, especially if you're one who likes to take things slow. Me and my girlfriend didn't say I love you until 3 months in. I don't believe in love at first sight. It's something you have to experiment with, and it doesn't happen over night.

    • My new boyfriend kyle once us too start making out why? and he's going too buyn bring me flowers for Valentine's day is that a way he's saying he loves me or marriage n the future.

    • Well, if you like to take things slow here's how the stages work:
      Hugging > Holding Hands > Kisssing > Making Out > Sexual Touching > Sex
      So it works however fast you want it to, but it takes two to Tango. The flowers are pretty romantic, and I think it may be a sign of long term relationship status. The making out is probably leaning towards a male hormonal thing.

  • um yea you could get pregnant or use spermicide. Um if he says he loves you, go along with it, make him prove it ok? And also if he wants to buy flowers LET HIM jeez he is trying to be a gentleman

    • My new boyfriend growled at me and had a mad look on his face when i walked by his workk area aftet he seen me with my guy friend jesse messing around playing with each other is my new boyfriend mad because my friend is hitting on me n playing with me

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  • What's with the whole introduction?