Should I ask this girl out I'm not sure if she's into me, I'm not sure if she's the right one and I have no experience with girls?

We seen each other a couple times when we are together she's laughing I was really busy so she so I kind of blew her off by accident then she was why are you always come hangout with me she ask me for help a lot so I kind of think she's using me I heard girls do that sometimes but I always help anyway whatever she leaned on me lol when we were together but she does this to other guys when I'm around and she seems to give other guys more attention whenever I see her but I just don't know if she's likes me like that but I think she is pretty cool but I just don't get dating how should I ask her out where should I take her and am I just in the friendzone because one time this happened to me and it was the worst thing ever? Thanks

Sorry for punctuation
But what I'm saying; is that I make her laugh. she asked me to come hangout with her but I was just busy working, she seems she liked me at first but as time went by she always acts like she's more interested in other guys, and always asks me for help. Am I not reading her signs she seems neutral to me should I ask her out, and how.


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  • no risk no reward go on and ask her out. you'll never know anything unless you actually take steps and do something about what you want.