I have this client at work who I really have a crush on need some advice please?

Okay so the client I have a crush on is the coolest girl you would ever meet. I repair pc's and it started by her coming by because her MacBook was broken. I took so much time and dedication to see that it was fixed and for practically nothing. Well she keeps coming by my work for sometimes no reason at all to "check on her computer" even my coworkers noticed how frequently she was stopping by. Well when it was time to pick up her computer the next day she brought my cookies and brownies, and when she came by to drop them off she gave them to me and there was a minute of us staring into each others eyes and I knew she wanted me to ask for number but I didn't cause I chickened out. she was so happy and the next day she called looking for me but I had already left.

I was looking at her Facebook this morning and she has the setting where no one can message her or send her friend requests. So I double checked this afternoon again and all of a sudden the option to message her was turned back on! I'm just curious should I message her? This is what I was thinking about sending her

"Hey Katie this is Eric from geek squad. I hope this isn't weird or anything. If it is I won't message you again or anything. I really appreciate when you brought those cookies and brownies they were delicious had to hide them from after awhile so Caitlin could have some. The real reason why I messaged you if because I wanted to ask you for your number or a date"

Can someone give me advice if this would be okay considering the signs she has been giving me?

When she came to deliver me the baked goods another client said she could tell that she was really into me and I should go after her to ask her out before she leaves but when I went to do that she had already left the building


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  • Go for it dude, can't hurt

  • Message her and say you're messaging as a follow up to make sure the computer is still working then see where the conversation goes ;)