Ladies: Any Date Tips?

I have a date tonight. In the past, I always seemed to have a problem of getting past the first date! I am respectful, pay for dates, hold doors, pull out chairs for women and walk them to their car after the date...

Maybe I am just a boring guy?

What are some date tips you can provide for me to help me ensure it is successful? I have a date in 45 minutes XD.


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  • I know I'm not a lady but I can and will offer you advice:

    Treat her as an equal. If she wants to open the door herself or pull out her own chair, let her. Keep in mind though that this does not mean to treat her like "one of the guys".

    Know how to start and hold a steady conversation. Ask her about herself, but also ask imaginative but interesting and even funny questions.

    It's okay to compliment her on her appearance, but also compliment her on how she is as a person. Compliment her on her intellect, humor, talents, etc.

    Pay for her meal or at least offer to do so if she wants to pay for her own. This will show that you're still wanting to be a gentlemen.

    Bonus: Bring her flowers! (Unless she's allergic)


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  • Be interested about the woman you 'll meet. Ask about her work, her interests etc. Don't monopolize the conversation.
    Be well dressed, according to where you go.
    Say some interesting facts about you, but also don't lie about yourself

  • Dinner and a movie Are usually boring and doesn't make you stand out from anyone else she's dated. Maybe take her to do something more interesting. Or maybe give her some options on what she wants to do. Sitting at a table and talking gets kind of boring and conversation can get awkward so do something more active


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  • Where are you going/what are you doing for your first dates?

    People often read a lot into what you ask them to do... Sometimes grabbing a coffee, or ever a movie/dinner is often times boring and shows a lack of imagination... you're young... be creative and create a fun environment for the two of you!

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