Girls, when an ex reappears, what is the best course of action to take?

Here's the scoop.

I met a girl last month. We hit it off quickly and it everything was awesome. It moved a lot faster than I had anticipated and she was pretty open about her feelings toward me. Things like "I've never met anyone like you" and "I've not been this happy in years" etc. Which came as a surprise, but was nice to hear.

However, her ex has reappeared in her life all of a sudden and her behaviour has changed. The dude mistreated her quite badly when they were dating. She seems a little down and nowhere near as spritely toward me. Talks less etc.

I'm continuing to be the same person that made her say those things to begin with, but it doesn't seem to be having the same effect and I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing? Is there a better course of action to take here? I'd like to see her happy again.

Also, she likes to read and she's a geek, so I've made her interests my interests and written her a book about the things she loves to try to put a smile back on her face. It'll be printed next week.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!


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  • You, sir, are a great man and from man to man I respect you for what you did.
    This said, there might be a reason she was hurrying this relationship up and it was because she needed you to forget that asshole who was her ex boyfriend. It's always the same story, girl gets mistreated by asshole, asshole leaves, nice guy (you) shows up, girl hits it off with nice guy, asshole comes back, girl wants asshole back. I am sorry to tell you but I feel like she's been using you to reach her goal and forget her ex boyfriend.

    • You were absolutely correct (unfortunately) so I'm going to give you MH. Thanks for the insight!

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  • You're a sweet guy. Respect.

    Actually, with my recent ex, my first ex did try to come back in my life. But I told him I wasn't gonna dump him and go back with him. My first ex was a cheater so I didn't want him back. He kep. begging and telling me he had changed, but I'm not trifling. I'm not gonna leave someone for someone else. That's just shitty in my opinion.

    If and when I begin dating again, I won't leave him for ANYONE, not an ex, not a "hotter" guy, no one. People aren't fucking disposable razors or something that you use and switch.
    Also, if I break up with a guy, no more second chances. I made the mistake of giving both exes of mine second chances. Didn't end well.

    So if an ex returns to my life? Yea. Maybe the most I can offer either of them is friendship. At most. But I'd just rather not get near them.

    That's just me. I'm not sure how other women would react. We're all different.


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