Why is it so hard to find someone with my interests?

I'm a somewhat attractive person (I'd call myself a 6, but friends of mine insist that I'm a 7-8), and I don't have too much of a problem getting girls to go out with me, but I can't, for the life of me, seem to get a girl who's into the same stuff as I am. I'm into history, science, philosophy, acting, longboarding, mechanics, and I have a passion for music. Not what mainstream media tries to pass off as "music" (Katy Perry, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, etc.), I'm talking REAL music. I love Classical music, Thrash Metal, New Prog, Art Rock, Rapmetal (No, Linkin Park is NOT Rapmetal), Alternative, Hardcore Punk, Orchestral, Grunge, Symphonic Rock, etc. It's almost as if most girls these days are brainwashed to listen to scuzzy, autotuned, bubblegum pop.
Not to mention that girls around here just act so STUPID. They act like they don't know anything about anything, and want me to explain EVERYTHING for them. I can't hold an intellectual conversation with any girl I've dated, and most of my breakups are because of my irritation at this sad fact.


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  • yep that bubblegum pop is a fucking killer. I did know, well, only one I really liked that was into cool music, but I've never dated so nothing happened. but yeah, trying to find a girl that is into anything remotely interesting to me is difficult too. I think that many girls in big cities are the pop culture type. the kinds who go to clubs or go crazy with makeup because the pop culture says to do this and that for this effects or to attract guys (not always with makeup or whatever), but of course some girls that do these things are deeper than that. but there are other girls who are, but because of pop culture, just like music, you have to dig it up. which sucks balls... but I guess quality over... I don't know... shit... is better anyways.

    • I dated a girl once who didn't even know what a bass guitar is. I'm a bassist. You can probably guess what happened.

    • Lol, you mean its not that song from that ugly white girl? Jk, I play guitar and bass and that would suck lol.

    • That "ugly white girl" is actually from my home town, and while I do not know her personally, many of my friends are close with her, so I'd prefer if you didn't insult her.
      Fun story: My sister's ex-boyfriend got second place in a songwriting competition against Meghan Trainor. If he had beat her, he would have wound up with the record deal instead of her. Fact of the day.

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  • I assure you that there are girls out there who share many of your interests and who are capable of intelligent conversation. I'm totally with you when it comes to music preferences, I always find myself a little disappointed in a person when I find out they listen to predominantly mainstream music. Don't give up hope, the right girl is out there somewhere.


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  • If I was a girl I'd be just your type. I'm a science and history guy. I love longboarding... actually like 20 mins ago this guy wasn't paying attention and ran over my board. I had to kinda roll over his hood. Board is in three pieces now. Music I'm the same. Just look elsewhere. Like join a group or something

    • If you were a girl, we'd be a thing. No homo bro.
      Speaking of longboarding incidents, recently, a douchebag tried to hit me with his car when I was going through a crosswalk. He actually went out of his way and sped up to try to hit me. I had to dive off my board to avoid getting hit. Next thing I know, this badass New Yorker biker guy chased him down and performed a citizen's arrest on the guy for trying to hit me. That was a fun day.

  • I have the same problem. I am also really into science and I also had a girlfriend in my major. It was great but we broke up because her father did not accept me being not from the same culture/race as her.
    If you look around you there are simply less girls than guys in science. I do not really understand why, most people I tell what I am doing think it is awesome/interesting ; but still there are far less girls than guys around me.
    bottom line is that you are in a really competative situation. You have to be "better" than the other guys around you. How to be "better" girls might tell you.
    On the other hand, for girls in science it is not a problem to find anybody sharing the same interests... there are just so many guys to choose from...

  • You seem too intellectual and cultured to even date.

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    • I am honored to be your fapfuel.

    • Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can't take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.